5 Reasons why you may consider private domain registration

5 Reasons why you may consider private domain registration

5 Reasons why you may consider private domain registration

When you register a domain name there are several reasons you may want to consider private domain registration. Although though there are several pros and cons on choosing to keep your information private I am going to explain five reasons you may want to keep your registration information secure from prying eyes.

Once you register a domain name for your website most registrars give you the option to protect your personal information from being displayed to anyone on the internet. Some domain registration companies charge for this service while other’s offer to protect your identity as a courtesy for choosing them as your preferred registrar.

It is easy to find out who owns a website. Simply do a WHOIS search on the website name. Name, address, city, state, zip and sometimes even a phone number will be returned.

Procuring a private domain registration is one way in which to protect yourself from unsolicited snail mail and telemarketers. The following advice is for individuals and not for businesses.

Marketers have created bots that operate on websites and extract information on each record. They then put out all the information on a marketing list and start selling or renting out this information. These bots or even human data miners cannot figure out your name if you register your name privately.

Private domain registration provides

  1. Identity protection – when you register a domain with private registration, your registry details such as name, address, and phone number are replaced with those of a third party. This party is usually a separate company that is operated by the domain registrar for the sole purpose of offering privacy. You remain the domain owner, and the domain registrar is simply acting as a proxy.
  2. Spam protection – once your real identity as been covered by the third party, your personal details are not available. Spammers cannot send you spam or junk mail and telemarketers can’t grab your number to call you on the phone. This is reason enough for private registration.
  3. Control what you reveal – By using private domain name registration, you control what you reveal. Since the third party information will appear in a WHOIS search of уоur site, you can then control what information you want to reveal on your own website. Private registration is sort of like opting out of the phone book.
  4. Keep your website private – Bу registering privately, your website can remain anonymous.
  5. Affordable – with the low price of domain names these days, adding a few extra dollars won’t break the bank. I have typically seen private domain registrations as low аѕ $4 but usually never higher than $9 оr $10.

There are benefits to keeping your information openly displayed for people to contact you but that is for another article. Generally speaking if your creating a website that is not a business you may want to consider keeping your private details locked down under private domain registration to avoid any unwanted contacts or solicitation.

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