Domainted is Devoted To you.

Are you preparing for a debut into the E-commerce industry? The first thing you need is a catchy company name that truly defines your online presence and grabs the attention of the masses. That’s where we step in. Domainted.com focuses on providing it clients with an ideal online platform for the best execution of their vision. Domainted is Devoted To you, we ensure great customer service and a continuous influx of new ideas.


1)  What is Domainted.com all about?

At Domainted, We sell brand-able and engaging domains for companies, products or services. The domains are affordable and easily accessible. You can find a variety of different domains regarding every possible ecommerce business idea you might have.


2)  Do I need to sign up?

No, you do not need to go through the hassle of signing up. Browse through our website and when you land on a domain you wish to buy, only then we will require your personal information. You do, however, have to provide your email address to sign up for our newsletter.


3)  What sort of domains can I find?

We offer domains in multiple categories to cater to our customers every need, you can find:

o   Automotive Sales and Services Domains

o   Products and Services Domains

o   Financial Products and Service Domains

o   Reference and Education Domains

o   Medical and Health Services Domains

o   Medical Marijuana and Dispensary Domains

o   Real Estate Domains

o   Brand-able domains

o   Club Domains

o   Computer and Tech Domains

o   And more… if your looking for something specific please contact us

4)  How do I buy a domain at Domainted.com?

The purchasing process is simple. Browse through our categories or search for keywords and find a domain that you like. Buy it for the offered price or bid on it for an alternative offer, provide us with your name and email address, phone number (optional) and Domainted.com will respond with an email as soon as possible, regarding the status of your order.

5)  By which means will I obtain the domain I purchase?

Once purchased, your domain will be pushed to you, either into the registrar account that you provided, which takes longer, or into the registrar account in one that it was originally registered to (much faster). We ensure delivery of domain once it is purchased.

6)  Is the Logo included in the purchase?

Yes in most domains the logo is included in the price, along with details and specifications regarding the domain. If logo is not included it will be mentioned in the product description.

7)  What do you require to send the domain to me?

We will require your account number and email to push the domain to you on the registrar of your choosing. We can also use the an authorization code but depending on the circumstances we will get you the domain the fastest way avaible.

8)  When will I be able to access my domain?

Your accessibility depends on where the domain has to be transferred from its current location. We recommend that the optimal method for fast accessibility is to sign up on the same domain registrar at which the domain is currently registered, like Godaddy, Namesilo, and Namecheap etc. If you provide an account to a different registrar, it may take longer for you to obtain it.

9)  What payment methods are accepted at Domainted.com?

We offer multiple payment methods for the convenience of our customers. We accept payment through:

§  PayPal

§  Escrow (is required for larger amounts)

§  Visa

§  MasterCard

§  American express

§  Discover network

10) Is there an age limit to using Domainted.com?

We do not knowingly take information from someone under the age of 13. If you are under 18, you can use our website with the permission of your guardian or parent.

11) Who do I contact if I run into a problem?

If you have any queries regarding our services or procedures, do feel free to contact us. Our customer service is happy to help and will respond as soon as possible.

Call us at: 916-542-8778

Or email at: support (at) domainted.com

12) Is it safe to use Domainted.com?

Our payment methods are safe and secure. All payments are SSL encrypted payments. You will receive your domain name timely after payment.

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