How to make your own website – 6 easy tips on how to do it right

How to make your own website – 6 easy tips on how to do it right

How to make your own website?

Making money online sounds very exciting and it’s an idea that more and more people pursue every day. It all comes down to creating a website that pursues your ideas and then figuring out how to make it more appealing and interesting for the audience. It’s an important aspect to keep in mind and one that pushes things to the next level every time. Thankfully, creating your own website is not that difficult nowadays. You just need to figure out how to complete this process properly and get started with your new business idea.

Think about the niche you want to pursue

Before you start buying anything, it’s important to figure out what niche you want to focus on. Picking a good niche is important. You want to go with something that’s appealing, easy to use but also dependable and exciting at the same time. Avoid rushing if you can and focus on what kinds of websites you enjoy and which you can contribute to with some amazing content. If you have that then sure, it will totally be worth it.

Purchase a domain and hosting

Once you know your niche, it’s very important to pick the right domain name. Ideally you want a domain name related to your niche. If you performed some keyword research beforehand, adding some niche keywords in the domain name is excellent. But there are some things to consider here. First, you want the domain name to be catchy and appealing. At the same time, you don’t want the domain to be super long. People need to remember the domain quickly, so having a simple domain is exciting and it can pay off very well.

When it comes to hosting, you want the best possible deal in regards to bandwidth and uptime. At first you can go with Shared hosting, which means you are sharing the server with other websites. But as time goes by, you can expand to VPS hosting or dedicated Hosting services, depending on how much your website will grow. You can acquire a new domain and hosting services from This helps you acquire a great domain name fast while also having top quality speeds and hosting services. Now that you have both a domain and hosting, you need to prepare the website itself.

Installing WordPress

It’s a good idea to use WordPress as a platform because it’s user-friendly and you can customize it with all kinds of plugins. That being said, the primary focus here is to go to the cPanel and you can find an option to Install WordPress there. You can also choose to install WordPress manually if you want, although that’s not really recommended since there are simpler ways to achieve that. WordPress will be a great platform for any type of business you want, especially if you’re just interested in blogging. But you can also create a static website for your business this way if you want.

Adding a theme

Your basic WordPress website will not look that appealing. Which is why the next thing you want to do is to add a theme. There are 2 options here. You can go with the free themes provided by WordPress at first. Or you can choose to buy themes online, there are a plethora of themes out there, and many stores will have them split into categories. Which means it’s relatively easy to find the right theme for your niche without that much of a hassle and issues.

You could hire a WordPress professional to create a good theme for you, as long as you do that you will be just fine. It’s a very good idea and one that will help you quite a bit as you push things to the next level. You should start with the free WordPress themes within the platform at first, and then you can expand to other themes if you want.


WordPress plugins allow you to expand the basic functionality of WordPress. The most important thing to focus on is to figure out what plugins are good for your niche. There are some plugins that you should install regardless, as they focus on security, improving your content and your SEO as well. Here are some great plugins you should install right away.

  • WPForms
  • MonsterInsights
  • Constant Contact
  • OptinMonster
  • Sucuri
  • MemberPress
  • RafflePress
  • SeedProd

Make sure that you avoid adding too many plugins however, as they can lead to all kinds of issues. As we mentioned earlier, pick and choose the type of plugin that really helps, and then install it on your website.

Adding content to your website

Now that everything is ready, you can start adding content. You can write content in WordPress, or you can choose a text editor and paste it here. The great thing about WordPress is that it allows you to include all kinds of links, images and even videos. That means you can do more than just create stale content. Adding in a multimedia-focused experience can really make all the difference, and that’s exactly what you want to pursue.

It’s a good idea to optimize your content for SEO if possible. Doing that will help you a lot as it will be easier to rank high in search engines. Of course, it’s important to have your website fully optimized for SEO as well. Short, catchy headlines, keyword optimized tag lines and adding in new content all the time are all ideas to consider.


Creating a new website might feel challenging and rather hard to do. But most of the time it all comes down to figuring out what you can do and how you can achieve the best results. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, as creating your own website requires a lot of commitment and focus. Using these tips will make things easy for you, and you will have no problem adapting to the process the way you want. It will take a bit of getting used to, but once you follow these steps you will have no problem creating an amazing website. Now all you have to do is to create great content and interact with the audience, as you grow your business and get closer to the success you always wanted!

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