Whether you are a beginner or an existing entrepreneur, You must know that the success of your business begins with the idea and its name called Niche domain.

A domain name does not guarantee the conversion of site visitors to customers, but is one of the factors that affect it.

Google will show your to the surfer if it is relevant to the user’s query in the search bar.

Some SEO gurus say that EMD (Exact Match Domains) are no longer in use in google algorithm, it may be correct but the reality is, they are still being considered by google because, the process of changes in google algorithm is not very fast.

The Exact Match Domain (EMD) also called as Niche Domains have become very popular over time, as they are generally associated with a way to make money online. Exact match domains we refer to those that match certain keywords, which generally have a good number of searches, do not have much competition and can be positioned well.

For example, if you want to create a website to sell wireless microphones as an affiliate of an online store, the ideal from an EMD point of view is to buy the domain or something like that.

Although you will still have to create a content to get good position in google. Actually to have the exact keyword in the domain helps it to rank faster. However, now even EMD’s sector has too much competition but still, ranking is possible. That is why those who buy EMD domains usually look for niches or micro-niches in which they can quickly position themselves.

This type of business strategy is interesting, but it poses some problems in terms of weight and importance of the domain in the positioning of the page that must also be taken into account from a long-term point of view.

What are the risks of buying an EMD domain?

The big problem of the EMD domains are that, although at first, they can be beneficial for those who buy them and try to position them but, it can give them some difficulty from the point of view of the BRAND. Because, niche domains are laser targeted and generally don’t become an authority.

In the Niche Domain War, As soon as you discover that your page has positioned well in google with particular keywords. Your competitor will immediately appear, If you have the domain with .com extension. The competitor will buy domain with .net extension with the same keywords which you have in your domain. And try to steal your position in google.

Practically, if you have created good quality content and you have worked better on your web page then your competitors. From the SEO point of view, cannot necessarily take away your place from Google. Now, something that can happen is that it generates confusion among users, since they do not just remember if your page was .com or .net. And even worse if they think of creating a page with the same template and quite similar to yours.

What happens when the competition begins with a similar niche domain but different extension?? That page that was already positioned and that was giving you money. One day no longer occupies the first place in Google. Because you have based all your strategy in the EMD domain and SEO.

You have not thought about making users loyal by creating content on a frequent basis. OR you have not worked your Off Page SEO enough to be able to be better than your competitors.

In other words, when you create a website with the intention of selling, based on the choice of exact keywords, you run a much greater risk of someone copying the idea and start seeing your income reduced, unless you invest in maintaining that page through quality articles, good On Page & Off Page Seo.

From EMD Domains to Brand Domains:

If you want to create a long-term project, where your goal is to build loyalty to the users. That arrive instead of looking for quick purchases.  You cannot just rely on the EMD, which is also increasingly difficult to find. You must come up with a brand name, which may have the keyword included or not.

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