Premium Domains sale

Premium Domains sale

On the other hand, Now a days, there are many trending questions about Premium Domains sale, for example, why premium domains? Why they are expensive? will renewing a premium domain be just as expensive? what is the procedure to purchase a premium domain? and how do I look for a  premium domain sale? and many many more.

We will explain almost every thing about Premium Domains and Premium Domain Sale in this article.

On the Internet there are more than 200 million registered domains. Since they have overcome the technical difficulties which they had 10 years ago, now, the purchase of domains has become a common practice. This has caused difficulty in buying a domain name of your choice, because, generally, your desired domains don’t available, They have already been sold out, therefore, certain domains granted premium classification.

A clear example of Premium domain is the one that, recently Apple bought in 4.5 million dollars. The purchase of a Premium domain is considered one of the best investments. Premium domains are highly sought after domain names composed of keywords and brand important words / phrases kind. They are usually privately owned and sold at a much higher price than a common domain name.

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Companies or Individuals when go for premium domains. They Register a catchy name that defines their business and differentiates it from others. Those well-established names that result in an excellent page rank, making it easier for their clients to find them, Because, premium domain names have an excellent SEO potential, they invite type-in ​​traffic with the keyword rich premium domains and increase SEO ranking.They build a solid brand that best describes your business, they are good for your products, services, portals, blogs, and more!

Normally, premium domains are popular short names that contain important keywords / phrases and therefore command a higher value. As they have been registered before, they are well established and have a higher page rank in the search engines. Therefore, they are well targeted to attract more traffic, they have a higher price that is reflective of their value.

The price of the Premium domains varies according to the owner. There are domains that have sold up to 8 million dollars, and some others that are not so demanded but as they include valuable keywords therefore, they sold out between 20 thousand and 40 thousand dollars.

In most cases, if you don’t sell your premium domain, it will be renewed in the regular price of the TLD.

We have a special page that allows you to search for premium domains for sale under the Domains tab. On the other hand, when a regular domain search is performed. We will show you the best available premium domains that closely match the domain you have searched for.

After completing the purchase of a Premium domain with us, we proceed to transfer the ownership. This can take up to 5-7 days. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address as soon as the ownership of the domain has been transferred to your account.

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