Quality domains are the key to every successful business, your online project is taking shape. You have decided hosting, you know how to install WordPress. You know which WordPress theme you will use, You have already already decided all the plugins to install. But you have not started yet. There is a pebble that blocks the gears and, that is, you still have to buy the domain.

It seems impossible that how such a small thing can block everything? And yet you’ve been thinking about it for many days. People generally don’t understand that they do not have to choose their child’s name! Its just a URL!

You have to understand that you have to buy a domain before hosting.

But, why choosing a top quality domain is important? Because, If your site has a bad name, unclear, neither memorable, nor niche oriented, no keyword including, no branding etc then, You will be giving a bad impression to your visitors. They will hardly become fans. Most importantly, You will have to keep your domain for a long time. So it must be something that will help you in the long run.

In addition, For your general knowledge, if you think that you can change your domain afterwards then, you need to know that, changing the web domain is not easy from an SEO point of view. If you change when your site is already got indexed on Google then, you need to set up the right redirects to inform Google crawlers about the new address of your site. Even when you do everything right, it is easy for some of your pages to lose some position for some time. But if your site has a complex structure, the risk of making mistakes are high and you could lose a lot of positions and so the lot of traffic.

These are the reasons why it is worth spending some time (not too much) to find the right quality domain for your website.


If you want to buy the right domain, you can not use any words. Here are the rules to follow to make the right choice.

# The domain must be “brand-able”

# The domain you choose should not be any word. When you say it, it must look like a brand, like Coca Cola or Apple.

So, if you want to create a site on Pizza, you don’t suppose to name it This is not a brand, it’s a sentence.

To be a brand, the URL must grasp the attention and must be easy to remember.

Returning to the example of Apple, surely it is easy to remember, It is the name of a fruit, not a difficult word. It catches the attention because it is strange and unique at a same time. You see the name of a fruit being used for a brand in the electronics industry.

To make your domain name memorable, do not be afraid to use invented words. They can have an assonance with the topic you are dealing with, OR you might just like the sound. Many of the brands that surround us every day are invented words, e.g. Coca Cola

HOW TO MAKE YOUR domain sound good?

Think of a song you can not get out of your head. Think about the lyrics and its consistency in the song with the meaning.

Use some linguistic stratagem you can optimize the domain you choose so that it is easier to stay on top of people.

The main tricks to choose top quality domains are,

Do not put dashes inside the name, they are hard to remember.

Do not use foreign words in your domains, e.g.,, etc., but, if you have to use it then, choose only the most common ones, the ones that everyone knows how to write.

Avoid “numbers” otherwise, you will always have to explain if the domain includes the number in numbers or letters (in case, if you just can not avoid the numbers then buy both domains, the one with the number in letters and the one with the number in numbers)

Since the day one of Internet, The TLD par excellence is .Com, The second choice is .Net, and the third is .Org. But now a days, lots of new extensions have come in the market and being considered as top quality domains like, .tv, .app, .xyz, .io, and so on.

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