Domain names are the way we use to organize, navigate and understand the web. Without domain names, URLs would be a series of numbers, or IP addresses, almost impossible to remember. However, a domain name gives us an easy-to-remember address. A web domain names is essential to do anything on the internet; from building a website to sending and receiving emails or creating an online store.

Discover below the importance of web domain names for everything we do online.

For more than 30 years, Web domains have supported the most innovative companies and organizations whose contributions have changed the way in which today’s world works. These transformative changes allow us to do practically everything on the internet; from paying an account to downloading a song, watching a movie or even booking a plane ticket.

So, how can you take advantage of the credibility and immediate recognition provided by your best web domain name?

Here we present the 8 best strategies to take into account to find your perfect domain name:

1. Use modifiers

If your initial idea for a domain name is already in use, add a modifier such as an adjective or a word that describes your company.

2. Enter your location

Many companies today are regional, so you can add this information to your domain name to make your site more geographically relevant in searches.

3. Add keywords

A recent study indicates that users who search the internet are almost twice as likely to click on a domain name with many keywords that contains at least one of their search terms.

4. Be unique

Many successful companies have forged big names by adding or removing a letter from a common word, such as Tumblr, or by combining two common words, such as Facebook, or by using a common word in a new context, such as Yahoo.

5. Consider what a customer would look for to find it.

Think of words and phrases that people would probably write in their search bar. For example, many people searched for “tips to be rich”, which inspired the domain name tipstobeamillionaire.com.

6. Use an acronym

Companies like AOL, IBM and BMW use acronyms or acronyms in all their domain names. You can also abbreviate regions, countries and professions in your domain name, such as LA, MX and DR.

7. Register yourself in social networks

Many people and companies start their digital lives on social networks, You can do it too to get high quality continuous traffic.

8. Use a domain name suggestion tool

Most domain registrars offer tools to help you identify available domain names that may be appropriate for your company. You can find online different ‘domain names generator’ which automatically generates a list of relevant options for your domain name when you enter keywords of interest.

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