Website ideas – 10 web development project ideas for 2020

Website ideas – 10 web development project ideas for 2020

Website ideas – 10 web development project ideas for 2020

Creating a new website can be exciting, but at the same time it can be very stressful too. Not knowing what niche to pursue can be tricky, and that’s why you need a good way to figure out what niches work at this time. Ideally you want a niche that you are passionate about. Thankfully, we are here to share with you a list of profitable niches and website ideas this year, all you have to do is to pick one you are interested in.

Nomadic lifestyle

Why is this type of niche working? Because people are tired of working from 9 to 5, they want to become a digital nomad and just work online from anywhere they want. It makes a lot of sense to use such an approach and being able to travel everywhere is very fun. This opens up great opportunities for you because you can share tips, ways to monetize your dream and so on. Obviously you can sell/promote all kinds of products related to this niche, which is great.


The sleep niche is always in demand because people want to know how to boost their energy levels and sleep better. Sleeping better has always been an important aspect of everyone’s life, so creating this type of content helps a lot. You can cover supplements, bedding, mattresses, tips to sleep better and so on. There’s a lot of stuff you can write here, so this type of niche is very handy especially for beginners.

Health tips

If you want a broader niche, then the health tip niche is always a good idea to try out. Let’s face it, most people tend to struggle with health issues and they want to feel better. If you have a lot of knowledge in the wellness and health area, then talking about dieting, exercising and how you can improve your lifestyle is an exciting and very interesting idea. It makes sense, and the best part is that you can showcase all kinds of products you can monetize. So it’s all a matter of finding good ideas to share with the audience and listening to their needs and requirements.

Martial arts

While this niche requires some previous experience, it’s still a very good one to try out because you can cover all kinds of styles, weapons you can use and attacks. Monetizing this niche comes down to sharing equipment and other products that will help a person get better. It’s a very creative aspect to consider and it will pay off big time.


Survival is also a great niche because there’s a lot to cover here and tons of products you can talk about. You can be very creative with this type of niche, and you can check it out the best way that you can. The trick with it is to focus on things like dried foods, storage tips, knives you can use, how to handle emergency situations and so on. You can find all kinds of content ideas, and the niche on its own is very interesting at the same time.


With so many companies being hacked nowadays, it’s safe to say that security is a crucial niche a lot of people are covering. You can easily share content related to financial and business security or you can focus on personal security online. The ideas are limitless here, and you can showcase all kinds of digital products that will be able to help people. This ranges from tools that help keep transactions anonymous to anti-malware solutions. These are amazing and they can bring you some astonishing results every time you use them, which is an important aspect to keep in mind.

Make money online

This is an amazing niche because everyone wants to get rich. They really want to earn more and supplement their income. And that means you can find all kinds of websites and tools they can use to achieve such a goal. It certainly makes a lot of sense and you can test out the app to bring in amazing results. It’s well worth the effort, and you will be quite impressed with the overall payoff here. Going with this niche is a good idea if you like the topic yourself and want something exciting and fun to talk about all the time.


While related to the idea of making money online, this niche is all about finding the right investments and making them at the proper time. Investing is a long-term thing, but it will pay off big time. However, you do need to figure out what to invest in and when you should do it. If you tackle this correctly and pay attention to the process, nothing will stand in your way.


Dating is one of those evergreen niches that will always generate quite a lot of money. Now the challenge comes from figuring out what type of dating website you want. You can start reviewing dating sites and see which ones are great for people and which are not that good. Or you can start a dating website yourself on a smaller scale, locally, and then expand it. The possibilities are limitless either way and you can obtain some great results every time.


The crafting niche idea is amazing because it allows people to take their time and come up with all kinds of amazing ideas on their own. Being able to craft anything you want is very interesting, and you can share all kinds of crafting ideas that people enjoy. Let’s face it, DIY projects are always fun, and you can make them even nicer with some amazing crafting projects.

There are lots of website ideas that you can try out on your own. It all comes down to figuring out what niche works for you and then adapting it to your own style. A personal take on any niche is recommended, as you want to avoid having a cookie-cutter website without lots of quality information. Give these website ideas a try and we guarantee you will have a great time creating content for them! Plus, they have great financial potential as well if you handle them correctly.

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